Securing an edge through specialization

We assure top quality and stay ahead in our markets by sticking to what we do best.

Ceramic wallcoverings by the roll or the power station of the future: These are just two examples of the outside-the-box thinking that makes Evonik synonymous with creative dynamism. We can do this sort of thing by focusing within our business areas of Chemicals, Energy and Real Estate on very specific markets: These are specialty chemicals, power generation from coal and renewable energy as well as custom-tailored housing solutions. As a result, our operating businesses boast huge expertise and innovative power. Our staff are proven experts in their fields and produce top-quality work with a constant stream of new ideas. This helps us secure our technology and market lead in our chosen sectors - paving the way for yet more profitable growth.

The power of the battery

Evonik’s Chemicals Business Area generates some 80 percent of sales from activities in which it holds a leading position. That this is no accident is well illustrated by innovative products like our SEPARION®. SEPARION® is a new type of ceramic separator from Evonik that makes lithium-ion technology safe and more efficient. Evonik thus plays an instrumental role in enhancing the safety and efficiency of road traffic. Besides using SEPARION® in hybrid or electric vehicles, energy from wind turbines and solar plants could now be stored and used to stabilize the public grid. Incidentally, SEPARION® is one of more than 24,000 chemicals patents we have applied for so far. We added over 300 new patents (initial applications) in 2009 alone.

The ‘power station of the future’

No end of specialist knowledge is vested in the ‘power station of the future,’ an ultra-advanced power plant developed by experts in our Energy Business Area. The power station of the future unites numerous advantages over its conventional peers. More efficient and economic, safer and more environment-friendly, it has an innovative modular architecture, making it faster to build and bring into operation. We are now building a plant based on this design at Duisburg-Walsum in Germany. Once completed, it will be one of the most advanced coal power stations in Europe. The last few years have also seen us build new coal power stations in Turkey, Colombia and the Philippines. These highlight our wide-ranging capabilities, expertise and unique standing. Among German power generators, we are leading in building and operating power stations worldwide.

Experts in quality of living

Peerless attention to detail makes all the difference when it comes to residential accommodation. The focus here is on what people really need. Take accessibility. Barrier-free living is as important to young families with small children as it is to senior citizens wanting to stay independent as long as possible. Of course, many barrier-free features benefit all occupants. We systematically meet these needs when refurbishing existing properties as well as in the design of new buildings, in the process taking an active part in neighborhood development and management activities to make the area a good place to live. As residential real estate specialists, we know that attention to detail is also part of the big picture.