Product Details

Dynasylan® 9265

Dynasylan® 9265, a phenylfunctional silane modifies the surface of inorganic materials, and is an important component in sol-gel systems.

Scope of Application

Hydrolysis of Dynasylan® 9265 leads to silanol groups that, in a subsequent condensation reaction, form very stable siloxane (-Si-O-Si-) bonds. Condensation occurs parallel to hydrolysis once a certain amount of silanol groups have formed. The silanol groups can also react with –OH groups on inorganic surfaces. The absolute and relative rates of hydrolysis and condensation depend on a number of factors: e.g. pH, concentration, solvent, temperature and identity of the catalyst. Hydrolysis in dilute aqueous solutions, under addition of a hydrolysis catalyst rapidly yields two layers. Partial hydrolysis is also possible and results in storage stable formulations. Dynasylan® 9265 reacts slower with water than Dynasylan® 9165.

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