Product Details

Protectosil® 20 N

Silane based water repellent for mineral-based building materials

Scope of Application

Areas of application: For waterproofing of absorbent mineral facade construction materials such as: brickwork mineral plaster facades sand-lime brickwork ceramic tiles autoclaved aerated concrete Waterproofing of facade construction materials with Protectosil® 20 N can contribute significantly to saving heating energy, as the reduction in water absorption also reduces the thermal conductivity of the facade. Application rates depend on how absorbent the substrate is. Experience has shown that the application rate for sand-lime brickwork is approx. 0.7 l/m2 and for porous facade tile significantly more than 1 l/m2 Protectosil® 20 N. The amount to be applied must be determined by a trial application. Product Characteristics watervaporpermeable, colorless impregnation not film-forming effective on hairline cracks up to 0.3 mm significant reduction in the water absorption very good penetration high alkali resistance suitable for waterproofing under topcoats frost resistant

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