Product Details


AEROSIL® R 974 is a hydrophobic fumed silica aftertreated with DDS (Dimethyldichlorosilane) based on a hydrophilic fumed silica with a specific surface area of 200 m2/g.

Scope of Application

Applications Silicone rubber and silicone sealants Paints and coatings Negative toner Adhesives Coating polymers Cosmetics Properties Hydrophobic component for thickening and reinforcement of RTV-1 pack silicone sealants Improves shelf-life of silicone sealants Water resistant, for thickening and hydrophobising of liquid systems Rheology control of (complex) liquid systems For use in coatings as anti-settling agent, for pigment stabilization and improvement of corrosion protection Improves hydrophobicity and rheology of offset printing inks Improvement and maintenance of free flow and anti-caking characteristics of powders Due to large surface area improved thickening and thixotropic effect as well as transparency

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