Product Details


Evonik specialty silicas for Defoamers have been developed to facilitate the coalescing of foam bubbles. Our Defoamer silicas are highly effective for breaking foam bubbles, independent of the kind of foam, macro as well as micro foam. Evonik silicas for defoamers are created according to Evonik unique proprietary Controlled Function Technology (CFT) manufacturing and milling process. They are designed to allow easy surface treatment in either Dry Roast or In Situ processes. The resulting product yields efficiency for the majority of foam applications.ZEOFOAM® 163 Silicon Dioxide has a medium particle size of 9 micron, a very narrow particle size distribution, and is a micronized powder. It is the first choice for in-situ surface treatment to make the product hydrophobic. It can be used universally for all defoamers within a wide range of industries.

Scope of Application

Easy to process Uniform particle size Effective in use FDA conforming Manufactured under GMP

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