Specialty Additives

Specialty Additives: Small input, big effect

The market for specialty additives offers excellent growth opportunities. The Specialty Additives division serves the increasing demand for auxiliary materials and additives for industrial applications with a wide range of resource-saving products and solutions. From high-performance additives to versatile crosslinkers: the specialties from Specialty Additives make all the difference. All applications have one thing in common: They have a big effect with little input and improve the comfort and durability of numerous consumer goods and everyday objects - from paints and sofa upholstery to motor oils. This makes end products a higher quality, and subsequently more durable, energy-efficient and in many respects simply better. Specialty Additives is the formulation expert, solution provider and experienced partner of discerning customers in the coatings, mobility, infrastructure and consumer goods markets, helping them to achieve maximum performance for themselves and their products, to grow with them, go beyond chemistry and together shape global trends.

Business lines:

  • Coating Additives
  • Comfort & Insulation
  • Crosslinkers
  • Interface & Performance
  • Oil Additives